1991 University LeaderAfter decades of working with Disney, I now love helping people to plan their memorable Disney vacations – and, my consultations are FREE!

I began my Disney career in 1987 working at Disneyland where I became a hostess in Fantasyland Foods. There I learned the Disney ways and soon was selected to teach at The Disney University (yes, it is a real department) where I was honored to conduct orientation classes for the newest Disneyland cast members, educating them on the philosophy and traditions of Walt Disney and his company.

As I was teaching, I transferred to Main Street Merchandise. It was one of the best things I ever did in my life!!! This is where I met  my husband Scott, right there on Main Street, U.S.A. He worked at The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, so I transferred there to be closer to him.

After five years at Disneyland, I was now working at The Disney University at the studio, where I was privileged to give studio tours and Disney Traditions classes. I never took for granted how lucky I was to work on the lot just as Walt Disney did for so many years! Many times, it felt like he was still there.

DSCN0378With the company’s permission, Scott and I published two Disney books both sold at Disneyland and The Disney Stores (Where in Disneyland Park? and Where in Disney Attractions?). From here, we began interviewing many people who worked directly with Walt Disney and those who have created many of the entertainment guests have come to adore.

Scott and I have also traveled to Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland numerous times, and enjoy Disney cruises with our children.

I love answering questions about Disney and helping people with their vacations, so it was only natural for me to become an independent travel consultant specializing in Disney destinations. Now I’m a consultant for Mickey Vacations, an affiliate of  Academy Travel. I am also a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge for travel professionals.

After 28 years of being involved with Disney in one way or another, I have learned so much about the company and the parks, especially traveling with children. My goal is to share my Disney knowledge with you and help make your vacation dreams come true!

Have a magical day!
Shani Wolf 🙂